At present, Michaelia Cash, the incumbent Employment Minister has reportedly released a new set of policies, sending across a warning to the recruiters/job-providers that purposely take advantage of staff.

The minister stated that the government will make the existing workplace laws stronger to guarantee better protections for manpower, and to end the abuse by crooked recruiters/job-providers.

She added that the focus of the Coalition on jobs and growth will be duly complemented by augmented safeguards for defenseless staff. Such personnel have been disappointed in recent times due to the unashamed non-compliance with the workplace laws by the recruiters/job-providers across several businesses, and in many cases, big multinational corporations which take no notice of their obligations under the national laws of Australia.

In case it comes back to power the administration has reportedly guaranteed that stronger protections for defenseless personnel will be delivered via boosting the penalties that apply to the recruiters/job-providers which underpay staff, and who do not maintain the right employment records. A new higher penalty class of “serious contraventions” will be started, and will be applicable to any firm that has calculatedly ripped off personnel, in spite of its size.

Roughly 20 million dollars financial support will be employed to increase the capabilities and workers of the Fair Work Ombudsman and its powers strengthened so that it can more successfully deal with recruiters/job-providers, who purposely take advantage of personnel, via compelling them to create information and answer queries.

Allegedly, there will also be a new Migrant Workers Taskforce in the Fair Work Ombudsman. It will keep recruiters/job-providers under its radar which use migrant employees and stronger and introduce more effective laws to aid stop a reappearance of the appalling tales of abuse that have lately floated up.

Cash reportedly also elucidated that the extensive non-compliance inside the 7-Eleven chain is maybe the most famous instance, though it is by no means the lone one.


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