Overseas Manpower May Shortly Have Easier Corridor to Permanent Residence, Says Canada Immigration Minister

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In what could eventually prove to be an incredibly important development--from the perspectives of those keen to get Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada--the in-office Canada Minister of Immigration, John McCallum, has reportedly stated that Ottawa may, before long, permit easier pathways to the prized PR, for the impermanent foreign employees.

Particulars of the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP) are expected to be made public in the next couple of weeks, with a parliamentary report on the issue set to be brought in.

For those not tuned in, the TFWP enables the recruiters/job-providers in the Maple Leaf Country to appoint globally on a provisional ground, to fill labour famines, occasionally in low-skilled job openings. Several of these employees' possible path to the permanent resident position has been explained as extremely complicated or not possible.

When probed about what could be done to offer pathways to labor force, the minister responded that the administration is positively considering proffering a corridor to the PR.

McCallum added that those who arrive, in general, ought to have a pathway to PR more so, vis-à-vis is the case these days. In case they are on a corridor to PR, they are only impermanent for a short period, and then they become complete Canadians.

Reportedly, the previous overhaul of the TFWP took place in June, 2014, when the procedure of signing-up became more tedious for most recruiters/firms, in relation to what was formerly the case. Since then, countless overseas employees have had to go away from the Maple Leaf Country since their long-term residence prospects were restricted.


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