Majority of the Australian voters do not seem much in the favor of immigration to Australia what with a recently concluded research reportedly showing that over 50% of the voters in the country consider movement to the nation, over the past decade, being excessively high.

The poll reportedly discovered 59% of people born in the nation believe immigration is very high even while 60% of those born abroad also believed the level of immigration had been extreme over the previous 10 years.

But, on the positive side, nearly two thirds or 66% think migrants have, in general, made a rather helpful contribution to the national society. And, 62% consider that cultural diversity has significantly improved the lives of the nationals.

Only 28% thought that it will be better if Oz improves its intake of refugees, courtesy the emergency in Europe, and 38% think that a well-off country such as Australia ought to admit refugees.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the survey results comes when official statistics reveals that the proportion of Australians, who were born out-of-the-country, has touched its peak in more than 120 years, with 28% of the nation’s population born abroad.

Allegedly, though Down Under has conventionally had a rather high proportion of migrants, presently it touched a peak not witnessed since the late 1800s. Besides, the proportion of the Australian residents born out-of-the-country has headed north per year for the past 15 years.

Statistics also reveals that the figure of the residents of Oz born in India has approximately tripled over the previous decade, and the residents born in China have become more than 200% during the time.

The transformation in the Australian migrant mix can best be seen in the differences in the median age of some specific groups. While the aliens born in Italy, for instance, had a median age of 64.7 years during 2005, it swelled to 69.3 years in 2015, in the process, specifying a decrease in new movement and the aging of the existing migrants.

Conversely, migrants from India have witnessed a decrease in median age to 33.4 years in 2015 from 37 years in 2005.

A close examination of the numbers allegedly demonstrate that Western Australia (WA) registered the maximum percentage of the overseas born inhabitants in their populace at 33.4% or 786,500 people, and also the biggest improvement in the percentage of the overseas born inhabitants--up from 29.9% in 2006.

Victoria registered the second maximum percentage with 28.7% of its residents born abroad at 1,589,800 people, up from 26.3% in 2006. Tasmania--with 12.6% or 64,200 people-- and the Northern Territory--with 18.8% or 43,600 people--saw the lowest amount of the overseas born, both decisively below the national level of 26.9% seen during 2011.

During 2011, Western Australia (WA) had the maximum proportion of the people born in the UK at 10.9%--more than 200% the Australian share of 5.4%.


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