In what could be called an important development, the incumbent Minister of Immigration of Canada, John McCallum, has reportedly affirmed his target of considerably adding to immigration to the nation beyond its present historic level, as a method to fill the nation’s labour requirements, and manage the demographic difficulties staring an aging populace.

Earlier this year, the Liberal administration of the country reportedly revealed its immigration map for the year, which estimated that the country would give accept nearly 300,000 new permanent residents in 2016. The same signaled the highest projected immigration level in decades, and nearly a 7% augmentation on the 2015 plan.

Pivotal to the administration's larger plan, to encourage innovation and improve the economy, is the minister’s three-year immigration map, which he intends to uncover this fall. In the aftermath of his latest observations regarding immigration, it is possible that this plan will illustrate the regime’s intention to boost the general immigration figures.

But, the minister stated that no concluding pronouncement on the issue of immigration has been made even as that there will be some work to do in getting inducing his cabinet associates, and also the people of the nation, about the many advantages of his latest diagram.

At some stage during a trip to the Chinese Capital, Beijing, earlier in his Asian tour, the minister reportedly proclaimed that Ottawa plans to improve the figure of the visa bureaus in the country, China, with a view to help the figures of the Chinese travelers, employees, students and potential immigrants likely to arrive in the country in the future.

The Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is likely to make numerous other amendments, prior to close of the present year, including improvements to the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP) and changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act.


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