In what could be called an important development, from the perspectives of those keen to acquire the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status in Canada, John McCallum, the in-office Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), has reportedly declared that the administration is planning on introducing improvements shortly that will offer the PR standing to every sponsored spouse of the nationals straight away upon landing in the country.

The amendments would also reportedly get rid of the conditional PR stipulation presently in place for the common-law or conjugal partners in a relationship of a period of two years or less with the person who is their sponsor, and who have no kids in common with their sponsor when they present their petition for sponsorship.  The previous Conservative administration had introduced the provision and it stated that it was needed with a view to oppose what it termed marriages of convenience.

The minister stated when spouses arrive presently, they don’t right away become permanent residents as there’s a two-year time-frame where they are not still lack the status. At present, sponsored spouses of the nationals, and also the common-law and conjugal partners, get conditional PR upon landing in the nation even while they have to cool their heels for a period of two years, to get hold of full permanent resident grade. In case the relationship does not survive, the resident standing of the sponsored person may be annulled.

As per McCallum, it is terrible that it takes virtually two years for several spousal immigration petitions to be duly processed, and, post turning-up in the country, an additional two years to obtain the position of permanent resident.


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