According to a report, the incumbent Canadian Liberal administration is searching for paths to make it rather simpler and more uncomplicated for global students in the nation to move to the prized Permanent Resident (PR) position once they are through with their studies in the country.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue, John McCallum--the in-office Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)--reportedly stated that he aims to begin federal-provincial talks to restructure the immigration selection system of the Express Entry, which was started by the preceding Conservative regime during the month of January, the last year. Since Express Entry was introduced, the pathway for global students, to move to the Maple Leaf Country on a permanent basis, has become vaguer.

The minister pointed-out that the need of the hour is to do more to draw students to the nation as permanent residents. The Express Entry system has shortchanged global students. He added that since the students happen to be gems, in terms of possible future Canadians, he surely would love to work with his associates at the provincial & territorial levels to develop the same.

He maintained that he opines that global students are among the most productive source of fresh visitors to the country. By description, they are educated, they converse in either English or French, and since they are familiar with something about the nation, they should be the first on the nation’s list of individuals who the government woos to arrive in the nation.

Notably, the Express Entry structure requires the aspirants, qualified for the PR standing, to make an Expression of Interest (EoI) in moving to the Maple Leaf Country. Ottawa afterwards invites some specific people from this pool of applicants to submit an application for the PR employing a points-based arrangement.

At present, a big figure of points--600 out of a combined total of 1,200--are assigned to those with an employment offer from a Canadian recruiter or nomination from a province of the nation. With a view for the employment offer to be legally applicable, for the objects of Express Entry, it is mandatory for the employer/firm to get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). It serves as evidence that there are not any Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are prepared, eager, and in a position to fill the opening.

Since its official introduction, Express Entry has had consequences for global students, keen to stay in the country post their studies. They, until 2015, classically followed a path to PR that did not necessitate their recruiter to acquire a LMIA.

Nearly all international students, who graduate from an educational establishment of the nation, are entitled for a post-graduation work permit upon close of their study plan. The work permit in question could be given for up to an utmost of three years.


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