According to a report, Canada is reflecting on launching what is called a Global Talent Visa, allegedly to draw high-skill employees, despite the fact that the nation continues to be pretty divided on making immigration bigger, against the backdrop of the existence of some pockets of high regional joblessness.

Allegedly, the nation is considering making some specific improvements to its immigration rule, to assist draw top workers, post Brexit, and to address domestic worker deficiencies. But the Canadian Administration has its hands full and more work to do to prove to its people that immigration will be in the nation’s interests and will not worsen unemployment in the country.

Allegedly, the fact remains that there is still unwillingness and lack of enthusiasm for the nation’s immigration policy, and given this, when one wishes to talk about immigration and claim there is a need of more immigrants as it’s in the economy’s favor, there are not many takers and there’s still some resistance.

The opposition has its roots in the widespread worry over increasing unemployment even as it’s up to the administration to do more to convince all that immigration generates additional employment opportunities.

Though that conversation is not easy to have, there is huge potential if Canada has a Global Talent Visa for example, in the wake of Brexit and what’s occurring in the US, to make the most of the top talent across the globe that is looking to the Maple Leaf Country, and ushering in them to the nation.

Ottawa is considering making some amendments to immigration levels and methods, to positively address skills scarcities. The nation is also keen to be a magnet for the finest & brightest, as that’s the key element for economic success ahead, it’s further claimed.


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