Here’s a fairly positive news report for the Canada immigration individuals! As per John McCallum--the incumbent Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)--Ottawa is planning to make some specific improvements to the manner immigrants to the nation get its citizenship.

He stated the IRCC overall is making efforts to cut down the roadblocks people have to triumph over to acquire citizenship. The IRCC would do two particular things. It would make it rather impossible for administration to snatch away somebody’s citizenship, and decrease the hurdles that are presently in place that the aspirants have to defeat to acquire citizenship.

A key roadblock is a test to illustrate language know-how in either English or French languages. The Canadian Bill C-24--which became effective during the year gone by under the preceding Conservative administration--increased the age range for individuals needed to face that test, to those aged between 14 and 64 from a range of 18 to 54.

The minister indicated the immigration body may make some specific changes to the language testing—that has not been proclaimed still, but the IRCC is certainly not ignoring the same. The body may bring it back to 54 years. That's a change being mulled over on the grounds that some older individuals arriving in the nation may not be completely gifted in English, despite the fact that their kids will be even while their grandchildren positively will be.

The minister maintained that one may term it twists to the arrangement, and definitely not ignoring it. He added that one may look forward to more news from his immigration body before long.


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