Canada immigration is something that inspires most migrants even while its citizenship is eagerly sought by nearly every visitor to the nation.

In a rather important development--that has made several would-be beneficiaries very happy--the in-office Liberal Administration of Canada is reportedly moving closer to overturning the controversial but the much talked about amendments to the manner the nation offers citizenship.

While the changes were introduced under the preceding regime, which was led by Stephen Harper, the Conservative Premier, the bill, called C-6, is, allegedly, regarded an attraction of the present administration's legislative programme.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue, a concerned person from the government reportedly stated that he looks forward to the bill becoming a law in time for the important Canada Day, July 1, with the sole big possible hurdle being the way the Conservative Senators handle the bill once the same makes it way to the Senate.

Reportedly, a key planned improvement is the cancellation of a contentious condition that enables the regime to withdraw citizenship from dual Canadian citizens found guilty of any of these, namely, terrorism, sedition or spying.

The legislation would also cut-down the total volume of time the permanent residents have to reside in the Maple Leaf Country with a view to become entitled to submit an application for citizenship, from 4 out of 6 years to 3 out 5 years; and would enable aspirants--who spent time in the nation on temporary standing--to add up this time towards the three-year condition.
New aliens, and overseas labor force, not to mention global students alike--who view their long-term future in the overseas hotspot--have heartily hailed, rightfully so, this specific feature of the legislation.

Apart from this, the planned changes would reportedly rescind the aim to live provision, and also get rid of the language skill obligations for some particular candidates.

The same would also permit the administration the power to grab hold of the papers/certficates employed to get hold of citizenship using dishonest means.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) made public earlier that two men--impersonating as immigration agents--were called to appear in court. They are indicted of advising people to tell stories and misrepresent facts in their petitions, and also forging and utilizing fake certficates. These people are also indicted of having operated as immigration agents in return for payment, when they were actually not certified.

At present, the Canadian Immigration authorities are looking at cancelling the Canadian citizenship of nearly 12 persons, post the auditor general discovered the administration is hardly doing anything concrete to eradicate scam in the citizenship structure.

The report exposed cases of individuals with serious criminal backgrounds and many others utilizing potentially bogus addresses among those, who managed to get the prized and the much sought after Canadian citizenship, courtesy certain glaring holes in the arrangement.


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