In what could be called an important development, the administration of Canada has reportedly divulged a Global Skills Strategy that will allegedly set a motivated two-week standard for processing visas & work permits for the international talent. Bill Morneau, the incumbent Federal Finance Minister, reportedly charted the plan to the Canadian Parliament.

This proposal will look to shore up high-growth firms in the country that want to access global talent with a view to make possible and accelerate investments that generate employment opportunities & development across the country.
The same will comprise the organizations that can show labour market gains, like increasing investments, knowledge transfer & Canadian employment formation, and also international organizations that are making big investments, moving to the Maple Leaf Country, setting-up fresh production or increasing production, and generating fresh Canadian employment opportunities.

It is allegedly anticipated that the steps will facilitate rapidly-developing Canadian tech groups & multinational corporations running in the nation to employ trained foreign manpower rather speedily for the openings they are finding it hard to fill.

Apart from the Global Skills Strategy, the administration is also making preparations to launch a new work permit exemption for short-duration work terms. The short-duration work permit exemption will be applicable for the work terms of fewer than 30 days per annum, and also short academic stays, and will be utilized to make possible short-term, study exchanges, inter-firm work exchanges, or the admission of the provisional expertise.

The administration is also offering 218 million Canadian Dollars over a period of 5 years into a fresh foreign investment organization, with a chief executive, and a devoted sales force, to draw the investors from abroad.


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