The US president declared that Trump's US immigration prohibition would result in a feeling of disloyalty towards the American administration by the There has been yet another slaughter in the US and yet another case of using the easily acquired guns and weapons in the nation to kill innocents in the country.

As per news report brought-out by a well-known publication, with 49 persons killed, and an additional 53 seriously injured, at an Orlando, US based gay night club, on June 12, a furious discussion has ignited over immigration to US and gun control, which is allegedly splitting the country.

A 29-year-old Omar Mateen had gunned down the casualties. An American citizen of Afghan-origin, Mateen, went berserk and opened fire on club revelers heavily armed with an AR-15 assault rifle & a handgun. After the butchery, he turned he killed himself. As per a report, the guns used for the massacre were bought lawfully.

Donald Trump--the Republican presidential contender--right away made events in Orlando an 'immigration' subject even as in a speech given the very next day, on June 13, he portrayed the shootings as the most awful 'terrorist' strike in the nation since September 11, prior to repeating his plans to shelve Muslim movement to the country.

Most Horrible Killing in US History

Allegedly, the Orlando events will go down as the most terrible in the history of the nation, and once more the country’s gun laws will invite inquiry. In the wake of the event, Barack Obama, the incumbent US President, reportedly stated that the carnage is a further reminder of how simple it is for somebody to get a deadly weapon in the nation.

Through his two terms in office, he has had to remark on no fewer than 17 cases of mass gunfire that have taken place all over the US. Way back in 1994, the manufacture of certain, semi-automatic weapons for civilian utilization was banned. But, when the bar came to an end in 2004, the American Congress made a decision to do away with the prohibition.

Confronting the Republican-run Congress on its rejection to restore the banning order, the president reportedly stated that restore the assault weapons prohibition, make it more difficult for terrorists to utilize such deadly tools to kill the Americans. Minus such a ban, such events will just keep taking place, he argued.

In the state of Florida, where the Orlando City is situated, gun laws are regarded so much indulgent and relaxed that countless people at present jokingly call the 'Sunshine State', the 'Gunshine State'.

US Immigration Strategy, Muslim Prohibition

The lethal developments in Orlando have resulted in increased debate over US immigration strategy. In the aftermath of the gunfire, Trump was rather fast to pat himself on the back on being correct about Muslim movement.

As mentioned before, the terrorist, who gunned down several people that day, was a US-born citizen even while his parents landed from Afghanistan over three decades back.

Coming back to Trump, when he came to know about Mateen's descent, he declared that he wishes to put on hold immigration from regions of the world where there is an established connection between that nation & terrorism.

But, Obama was pretty fast to nullify Trump's plan, asserting that's not the America one is interested in. the same does not, in any manner, reflect the nation’s democratic principles.

Obama went on to condemn what he portrays as nothing but loose talk and slackness by Trump, and proclaimed that Trump's actions only serve to prop-up prejudice and further push ethnic and religious groups away.

Muslim-Americans. He also questioned where would it lead to? The president also stated that the US would do well not to begin to treat all Muslim-Americans in a different way, and start subjecting them to special watch.

Trump contradicted by reportedly asserting that Obama's rule on the US immigration and Muslims is just the present politically correct reply. He claimed that Obama's policy stops the US from responding speedily to dangers/risks and thinking with a clear head.

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