According to a report--based on the latest numbers released on the occasion of the Australian Citizenship Day--5 million-plus persons have obtained the citizenship of Australia since the Australian citizenship was started way back in 1949.

The most recent were over 5,980 persons from different 133 nations who took part in 89 ceremonies held throughout the country sometime before to observe the important day, which allegedly aims to increase society awareness of the significance and value of the Australian citizenship.

On the important occasion, Peter Dutton--the incumbent Australian Minister for the Department Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)—reportedly congratulated every conferee even while they pledged their loyalty and allegiance to the Kangaroo Land. The new citizens have arrived from far and wide, from all over the world to reside and do a job in the nation.

The minister reportedly stated that the Citizenship Day is not only a day of celebration for the new conferees, but also a day for every national to repeat to all concerned what it really means to be a proud citizen of Oz. He added that in the existing society, the shared citizenship is the single common and unifying tie, it does not matter if one is an Australian by birth or by oath.

Dutton further said that at present more than ever it is crucial to dwell on the values, duties and rights all concerned share via the Australian citizenship.
Significantly, the leading nations of origin for the conferees comprise India, the People’s Republic of China, Britain, the Philippines, and the Republic of South Africa.


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