An all-inclusive immigration report from the administration of province of Nova Scotia reportedly shows that the year gone by was a landmark year for the province, even as it allegedly seems that 2016 will observe even more encouraging news.

During the year before, 3,403 persons settled in the province as permanent residents, and this is reportedly the highest level for over a decade. Extraordinarily, the number has already been surpassed even though just the initial first six months of this year has passed, with as many as 3,418 new entrants having decided to settle in the province their home by the close of June. Over 1,000 of those newcomers happen to be the refugees from Syria, who started landing in the month of December, 2015.

Since the early 2015, the administration of Nova Scotia has been rather proactive with its famed Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP). This is a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) of the nation. These specific immigration schemes enable the different provinces of the Maple Leaf Country to choose new entrants on the basis of the requirements as fixed by the province.

Nova Scotia was the first province to start a PNP class duly aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection structure. It was also the first Canadian province to start over one such category. 

What is more the province productively lobbied the federal administration to boost its general PNP allocation not once, but two times (most freshly during the month of March, this year), in the process, taking the total NSNP share to 1,350 from 700

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