The wait is over now! Confused what we are talking about? Well, before we answer this, please inform are you an aspirant for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)?

If yes, you need to know that the latest application dates for the popular and the widely used scheme have been made public lately. The scheme will at this time have an added 5,000 petitions even as these shall be on the first-come-first-served ground.

While these will reportedly be between August 16 and August 22, 2016, Quebec happens to be the lone Canadian province where trained employees are duly processed on the first-come, first-served ground. Against this backdrop, they can make out their likelihood of admission (on their established qualifications).

Hurry up! Start making preparations right now for submitting an application in time for the QSWP! Do not waste time as you could miss the bus!

As per the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness (MIDI), it’s the second intake period for the programme.

Generate Online User Account

It is mandatory for the applicants for the QSWP to make an online user account, for the object of submission of an application for the Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ).

The aspirants--who become qualified for the scheme or have an authenticated offer of employment--are not restricted to any intake period whatsoever. They enjoy the right to present their application at any given point of time. Though it may sound too good to be true, the fact is it’s true.

What is more: those with a legitimate study or work permit are also not restricted to any intake time-frame.

QSWP--Entitled Professions

Now let us find out about the suitable vocations for the QSWP! There are over 75 eligible professions and also areas of training. And these will permit candidates to become suitably qualified for a CSQ, minus an offer of employment.

The list of Areas of training has a vast range of studies providing points to candidates. These points are given to the aspirants and their other half for any diplomas received by them in or outside the province. It is compulsory that the diplomas in question are duly accepted as Quebec equivalent.

Aspirants--with the highest likelihood of getting settled in the province economically--stand a good chance and they are selected by the QSWP. People from abroad, eager to reside in Quebec on a permanent basis have to sail through a two-step immigration arrangement.

While they require to be chosen by the MIDI for getting a CSQ, post the same, they have the right to submit a petition with the concerned federal immigration authorities.

The function of the federal administration in the assessment of a Quebec petition for Permanent Residence (PR) is reportedly confined to just health & criminality subjects.


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