Moving to popular immigration destination of Australia is a dream of many. Those who manage to do so take a lot of pride that they could do so. But obtaining the nation’s citizenship fills the recipients with more pride and pleasure, or so it seems.

So it is little wonder that those who become Australian citizens find it pretty tough to hide their joy and pride even while they openly express their happiness on important Australian occasions, such as the Harmony Day, for instance.
Talking of Harmony Day, as per a report the occasion was recently observed in Canberra with a special citizenship service targeted at reminding people how appealing the nation and its way of life may be.

Nearly 135 persons from 24 nations participated in the official observance with some reportedly elucidating what drew them to the overseas hotspot, and why they made a decision to acquire its prized citizenship.

A woman--who reportedly first made a trip to the Kangaroo Land nearly 17 years back from France, and presently teaches students in Canberra--talked about the extraordinary significance the observance had for her.

She stated she feels in great love with the nation, the landscape, the outdoors, the people and the flora and fauna, regardless of running into with a big kangaroo in the Northern Territory. She added every time she arrives back from out-of-the-country and turns-up in Sydney, her eyes become moist with tears even while the beautiful realization that she is at home strikes her.

She also indicated that her dream would be one day to take her children through the nation on an extensive trip, to find-out their land, their culture, their legacy and understand how blessed they are to stay in Oz.

Coming back to the occasion of Harmony Day, Peter Dutton, the incumbent Australian Minister for Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) passed on good wishes to the new citizens on the occasion as they promised their devotion and loyalty to the country.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, the minister reportedly stated that the day offered a chance for new citizens to get together and stand united in the nation’s democratic thinking and values, and accept the value of what it means to obtain the prized citizenship of the nation.

At present Down Under continues to knit a robust culture of acceptance and diversity into the fabric of the nation, via receiving its new citizens. The Australian diversity is its strong point and what more appropriate and emblematic way to commemorate the pride and happiness that arrives with being a citizen of the country than on a day that promotes cross-cultural bonds and reverence, such as the Harmony Day, the minister added.


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