The charm of Australia continues unabated in the minds and hearts of students from all over the world even as the number of students, keen to study in the country, continues to head north, or so it seems, if we go by some official numbers made available by the concerned body in the nation.

The latest Australian official figures reportedly reveal that more students from across the globe, than ever before, are deciding to pursue studies in Oz with figures up 10% in 2015, vis-à-vis the year gone by. As per the available numbers, approximately 0.50 million international students, from almost 200 nations, attended advanced education courses during the preceding year.

According to a concerned person, the development shows the nation’s strong international competitiveness in education and important ranking in the global student society. More students from China especially are deciding to get enrolled for various study courses in the Kangaroo Land with a rise of 13.3% in 2015 to 136,097 students. The number reveals that China made a contribution of 27.3% of the entire global students in Oz, the highest of any nationality, even as with 10.8% India was second.

New nationalities with high figures of students comprise Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, and Hong Kong, among others.

The person in question pointed out that the numbers illustrate that international education is one of the five super growth segments; it’s one of the nation’s leading services exports even while it’s supporting the Australian economy.  Global education delivered roughly $20 billion to the national economy of the country during the year gone by, substantiating the value of the segment to the country’s fast rising knowledge economy.

He also reportedly asserted that Australia provides first-rate education services, teaching, learning & research, and the nation has world leading tuition protection arrangements. And, this is the key reason why 498,155 global students decided to enroll for different study courses across all Australian education segments in 2015.

Government reorganizations have brought down regulatory expenses for establishments by $48.2 million per annum, in the process, enabling universities, vocational education and training providers, and English language providers, not to mention the schools of the nation to focus on their core business of proffering superlative education to students.

He elucidated that the administration is constantly working to make the competitiveness of the sector better, via restructuring the governmental burden for education organizations while continuing rather strong protections for students.

The person in question further stated that he looks ahead to making the country’s first national plan for global education public later in 2016, to make more growth and progress possible. The policy will lay down a 10 year vision to make relationship between all stakeholders in the segment stronger.


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