Visa structure of Australia could witness a reform once more this year with different reports surfacing of possible improvements. First of all, there have been reports of a seeped out cabinet document that allegedly suggests an easy visa framework to generate stronger checks over access to the prized and the much sought after citizenship & Permanent Residency (PR).

There are also some reports wafting of an overhaul of the citizenship test and oath that would explore a migrant’s suitability, or otherwise, for life in the nation.

And some have asserted that what is behind improvement is the widespread fears that refugees from Syria could possibly be extremists and so require to be more harshly checked, vis-à-vis those from other places.

As per a spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), though plans are frequently put forward for talk at different levels, this does not necessarily denote that they are being mulled over as policy improvements.

Meanwhile, throwing more light on the development, the incumbent Australian Premier and Immigration Minister reportedly proclaimed that they have not witnessed any of the papers, but added that plans for immigration are the subject of regular examination, in terms of security.

Echoing a somewhat similar feeling, the DIBP reportedly proclaimed that the various departments of the administration produce draft papers for consideration constantly.

Significantly, the draft document arrives comes when how important migrants are to the national economy is being extensively discussed. Allegedly, immigration assists to slow the general rate of ageing of Down Under even while migrants are priceless as they are more expected to be working age, in relation to the average person of Oz.


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