Immigrants, especially the skilled ones, are highly valuable. They play a vital role in the growth and development of an economy. Perhaps, this is the key reason why, according to a report, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal has urged the administration of Quebec to boost the general yearly intake of aliens to the province, to 60,000 from nearly 50,000.

The proposals were reportedly presented as component of talks on immigration planning in the province, for the time-frame 2017-2019. Allegedly, the administration must put in place solid measures to make the selection of guests, based on the job market needs better; make their integration to the workers possible; and boost their figures.

Allegedly, selection ought to be comparatively more aligned with the specific requirements of firms. Students from abroad and impermanent personnel are a strategic people even while they are appropriately trained and know the job market of Québec. Against this background, it is vital to make improved attempts to draw and keep hold of more of them.

It is also reportedly asserted that immigration is a priceless quality. The same adds to the active populace and strengthens creativity, innovation and global trade. However, the social integration of the immigrants duly depends on their successful integration to the job market.

Given this, it is crucial to align selection attempts with steps to aid integrate immigrants to the labor force. With a view to do the same, it is crucial to power pre-immigration support schemes so that aspirants can better prepare, prior to landing in Québec.

While the availability of the trained workers is a big challenge for the local companies, Quebec gets nearly 16% of the migrants who shift to Canada; it represents 23% of the total Canadian people. Allegedly, the two ought to be balanced.

The demographic weight of Québec in the Maple Leaf Country decreases per annum, and this has an impact even while this is why the government must improve the figure of the visitors to Québec to 60,000 every year starting in 2020 at the latest, it is further claimed.

With speedy technological change, numerous strategic segments in Québec and Montréal--like for instance video games--have production cycles that are based on a project-driven and temporary plan. These specific segments require very qualified, agile and repeatedly temporary workers. Still, the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP) is rather badly suited to the particular requirements of the companies.

The administration of Quebec was forced to cut down its plans to improve the immigration figures over the coming years, with Kathleen Weil, the incumbent Immigration Minister, proposing admitting 51,000 immigrants in 2017 and 2018, and 52,500 in 2019. Reportedly, she is being subjected to a great deal of opposition from the opposition parties, who support admitting fewer aliens who can integrate with no trouble. Earlier this year, Weil delineated her organization’s economic immigration plans.

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