According to a new report, the figure of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points needed for aspirants in the Express Entry pool, to be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for the prized Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada has headed south by one point in the most recent draw, which is the 12th to happen hitherto in 2016.

A combined total of 762 applicants received an ITA on June 1, 2016, with the CRS point condition fixed at 483. The preceding draw, which occurred on May 18, necessitated aspirants to have 484 points with a view to get an ITA.

Applicants, who have obtained an ITA, are presently in a situation to put forward a petition for PR in the nation. Accompanying relatives and this comprises partners or common-law partners and also dependent kids can also move to the country together with the main aspirant.

Express Entry

It is the Maple Leaf Country’s immigration management arrangement for these federal economic immigration schemes Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Federal Skilled Trades Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class. The Immigration and Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) first started the widely used and the much talked about system on January 1, last year.

Qualified applicants can present a profile into the Express Entry Pool, where they are given a position as per the CRS. Ottawa chooses the top-graded aspirants on a priority ground when it carries out one of its common draws from the pool. Those who receive an ITA for PR after that have 60 days to put forward a complete e-application, even as from this point Ottawa aims to duly process the petition inside a period of just 6 months.


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