In what could be called a rather important development--from the perspectives of the renowned Australian City, Melbourne and its people--it (the city) has reportedly been proclaimed the most live able city across the globe, on the basis of an yearly ranking that duly accesses 30 singular factors comprising stability, education, health, environment and infrastructure.

It is the sixth year consecutively that Melbourne has led the rankings compiled by Economist Intelligence Unit. However, another popular Australian City, Sydney, in not any more a part of the leading 10, dropping down four positions to 11, courtesy widespread worries over terrorism.

However, the Australian City of Adelaide comes in equal fifth with the Canadian Calgary and Perth (Australia) is seventh in the standings where those that get most marks have a propensity to be mid-sized cities in more affluent nations.

At the second spot was Vienna in Austria, trailed by Vancouver in third, Toronto in fourth and Calgary (All in Canada) equal fifth with Adelaide (Australia). Perth (Australia) was seventh, then Auckland (New Zealand), Helsinki (Poland) in ninth and Hamburg (Germany) comprising the leading 10.

According to a concerned person from Melbourne, to keep hold of the label of globe’s most live able city for six successive years is an unbelievable award for Melbourne, and something in which all Australians should take a lot of pride.

He added that one does not take this amazing designation for granted and are continually planning and executing strategies that will keep on developing the Australian quality of life. It is a thrilling time in Melbourne. Several crucial infrastructure schemes are in progress, and this comprises the Metro Tunnel, and the planned restoration of the Queen Victoria Market zone.

He indicated that it’s the small things that make a big difference, like planting additional trees, recycling storm water, coming up with extra parks & green areas, proffering improved paths and connections for the walkers & cyclists, and also using technology and statistics to advance the operations.

In a related development, another concerned person from Melbourne reportedly agreed with the observations and stated that going forward Melbourne could still make improvements via planting extra trees and giving improved footpaths for the cyclists & walkers.

Taking a great deal of pride in the city and its position, the premier of the State of Victoria, of which Melbourne happens to be the capital city, reportedly stated that the result was just more evidence that there’s not any city on earth like Melbourne. He added that it’s an outcome each and every resident of Victorian can take a lot of pride in. The city has all over again performed better than some of the world’s finest cities.

Significantly, Melbourne continued its general live ability grade of 97.5, duly decided by its score across five broad classes of education, infrastructure, and healthcare--each at 100; culture and environment—each at 95.1; and stability at 95.


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