As per the latest details gleaned from the Inter Nations Expat Insider 2016 study, which covers as many as 200 nations, migrants have named Melbourne--the second largest city of Australia--as the best urban place to stay and do a job in the world, even as they praised the city’s amazing work life balance. The city is also allegedly an easy place to live in.

In general, Melbourne was at the fourth position in the working abroad study which asks migrants to rate 30 features of their new dwelling, comprising the overall quality of life, the ease of settling in, the general cost of staying, and weather.

Out of the migrants, residing in Melbourne, nearly 79% reportedly stated they are normally happy with their work life balance even while 27% rated it outstanding, and this is much better, in relation to the global averages of 60% and 17%, in that order.

Melbourne also performed well in the job and careers subclass, making it to the third place globally. Certainly, 71% of the survey participants expressed general happiness with their job, and an additional seven in 10 are mostly pleased with their career breaks in the city.

Still, in the Quality of Life Index, the city closely missed the topmost 10, finding a place at the eleventh spot. Even as its position in this index was rather good for leisure choices with 55% rating facilities as first-rate, and also for health and welfare, migrants feel the city appear pretty secluded, in terms of travel and transportation.

However, the study also reportedly reveals that migrants believe residing in the city may be fairly expensive. Melbourne was at the 24 position out of 35 in the cost of living section even as 46% reportedly stated the price of living is normally high.

Nevertheless, the study participants are seemingly able to manage as just 11% judged their personal financial condition in the city in a negative manner, vis-à-vis a worldwide average of 17%.

Against this, migrants in Sydney--which occupied the eighth spot behind cities such as Houston in Texas and Madrid in Spain--reportedly proclaimed though they were not pleased with their general financial state in the city, they took a great deal of pleasure in the local weather and also the welcoming behavior of the local people.

According to a concerned person from Inter Nations, the migrants in Sydney were repeatedly not pleased with their financial state, which cost the city a superior position. She stated that not only are the migrants seemingly gladder in Melbourne, but they are more content with their personal state of finance.

She also reportedly indicated that Melbourne comes in on average 14th spot in the personal finance index whereas Sydney performs far worse, occupying the 30th position out of 35 cities, but added that in general the satisfaction of the migrants, residing in Oz, was better, in respect of the average.


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