A new and imaginative world is just round the corner. Very soon the nationals of Australia would be rubbing their shoulders with machines and creating new milestones in the growth and advancement of humanity. Seems far-fetched but it is true!

As per a research report from the concerned Australian body, jobs of the future in Oz would be more flexible and connected--several becoming mechanized and programmed. However, specialists also think that individuals will find their work comparatively more fascinating and gratifying. The revolutionary report, commenced by the Australian administration, claims that inhabitants will work next to machines in jobs that these days live just on either the peripheries or in the thoughts.

The Australian administration had commissioned the report in partnership with several groups allegedly to assist plan for a future personnel. Future jobs explored in the report comprise online security chaperones, specialized big data analysts, customer experience specialists, complex decision support analysts, and remote controlled vehicle operators, among others.

The report also identifies six megatrends for the nation’s manpower over the next two decades as a result of a combination of several forces, and this include technology improvements, globalization, digital connectivity, the growth of latest economic structures, and the ageing populace.

The same offers an insight or sorts into speedy advances in automated structures and artificial intelligence which signifies that robotic apparatus will carry-out numerous tasks more swiftly, safely and competently, vis-à-vis humans.

The report elucidates that employment growth in the service businesses, especially healthcare & education has propelled job creation lately. The same is expected to continue into the future as the nation shifts to a knowledge economy.

Service segment jobs necessitating social interaction expertise and emotional intelligence will become gradually more significant. The same suggests that digital technology and the latest humanity of “platform economics” is altering employment markets and organizational structures even while individuals will become more entrepreneurial and generate their own opportunities.

Sharing her thoughts on the report, Michaelia Cash--the incumbent Australian Employment Minister--reportedly stated that the report has deep implications for businesses, societies and administrations as the economy and labor force undergo major changes in sync with technological growths.

The minister indicated that jobs of the future are expected to be more flexible and connected. They are also expected to be more rewarding and pleasing. Those who are compliant, flexible and responsive will prosper and do well. Though some specific jobs will unavoidably become automated in the future, technological change will develop others and also generate fresh opportunities and breaks.

Cash also pointed out that education and training are becoming more crucial for accomplishing something in the labour market, and that by 2019, the figure of jobs obtainable for exceedingly trained labour is expected to be more than 200% of the figure to be had in 1991.


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