The long-awaited appraisal of the Tier 2 immigration, from the alleged "independent" Migration Advisory Committee's (MAC), was made public on January 19, 2016 even while the same, reportedly, advocates that the British administration put even tighter immigration checks for the Tier 2 Visas.

Several British recruiters have greeted the proposals from the MAC with disapproval. They claim that the steps will result in increased expenses and make hiring tougher.

On 10 June last year, the in-office Home Secretary Theresa May hired the MAC to carry-out an evaluation to rationalize tougher Tier 2 visa regulations. For those not tuned in, it is basically a path that enables foreign nationals who have sponsorship from a British firm to do a job in the nation.

Under the Tier 2 visa regulations, applicants require having an employment offer from a recruiter/firm with a Tier 2 sponsorship licence. The recruiter/firm will typically also require completing a resident labour market test to prove that there is a dearth of persons with the appropriate skills in Britain, and must pay the wages as needed for the profile under Tier 2.

MAC Being Employed to Validate Ever Tougher British Immigration Checks

The MAC, which the Government allegedly maintains is an "independent" body of economists, has been exploring avenues to make it tougher for the people from the non-EU nations to gain admission to Britain as component of its Tier 2 Visa assessment.

It is not hidden that the UK PM David Cameron is rather keen to decrease net overseas movement down to less than one hundred thousand per annum. But, the latest published numbers reportedly show yearly net migration to Britain has headed north to 336,000.

The MAC, in particular, was exploring the possibility of raising the salary threshold, further checking the professions that are sanctioned for sponsorship, beginning a time limit on the time period a profession can eventually stay on the shortage occupation list, applying a skills tax, and perhaps bringing to an end the usual right of dependants to do a job in Britain.

Home Office Welcomes Prejudiced Anti-Immigration MAC Report

As you would have thought, the Home Office has hailed the MAC report though it continues to be found out what the administration does actually. Certainly, there will be quarrels between pro & anti-immigration ministers in administration.

It is claimed that the steps proposed should lead to a greater investment in UK employees and cut down the utilization of migrant labour. But it is also accepted that foreign manpower with Tier 2 Visas does raise tax revenues for the administration. However, it is also asserted that it would be better if the same is duly balanced against their possible impact on the wellbeing of the existing nationals of the UK.


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