In what could be called a very important development--from the perspectives of the Canada immigration motivated aspirants, especially those eager to use the Express Entry route-- the most recent draw from the Express Entry pool, and the 25th since the immigration selection structure was started just more than a year back, reportedly occurred on January 13, this year.
The draw witnessed a noteworthy cut in the figure of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points needed by aspirants, for Canadian immigration, with a view to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation.

Significantly, a combined total of 1,518 ITAs were given to the applicants with 453 or above CRS points, signifying a drop of 8 points from the preceding (24th) draw. Certainly, the latest CRS “cut-off” mark is the lowest of all draws conducted over the course of the past three months even as 450 is the lowest of all draws hitherto, which was of late applied on October 2, last year.

Encouraging start to 2016 under a new administration

From the time the federal election of the Maple Leaf Country occurred on October 19, 2015, a combined total of 7 Express Entry draws have materialized. And every of the said draws have chosen a segment of aspirants, who lack either a qualifying employment offer or a nomination from a province of the Maple Leaf Country. In addition, the CRS point necessity since the first of the said latest 7 draws has headed south to 453 from 489.

The draw in question also happens to be the second to happen inside the first two weeks of this year. On the contrary, the first draw of the last year occurred on January 31.

The concerned body, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)--previously called the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)--lately declared that 2016 would see more normal draws from the pool, with a rise in the figure of the applicants proffered ITAs in each draw.

According to an IRCC Policy Analyst, the figure of invitations given for each round is likely to head north as the pre-Express Entry inventory of applications is finalized even as in turn, it is likely that the smallest total of those who are sent an invite to apply will head south. He added that one anticipates that in 2016 when the rounds begin growing--to meet immigration body’s latest levels plan--the total will decrease.

Minute but major difference

Even as a reduction of 8 points between two draws may seem rather insignificant on first look, the difference between 461 & 453 is, in several instances, allegedly, somewhat weighty and of significance.

For those who came in later, the CRS gives points on the basis of a series of factors, and this comprises the age of the applicant, education level, employment experience (both in the Maple Leaf Country & global), language skills, and whether the aspirant possesses a provincial nomination certificate or a qualifying employment offer.

Aspirants could also be offered points for some specific combinations of what are called “skills transferability” issues, and also the core human capital qualifications of a wife/husband or common-law partner, in case pertinent.

In case an applicant lacks either a provincial nomination or an employment offer, he may be sent an invite to apply, on the basis of the points proffered for core human capital & skills transferability only.

The decline from 461 to 453 enables some applicants--who may not have been given a gift of points for one issue--to balance for the same through strong qualifications in new regions.

Allegedly, the condition is possible to become more obvious in case and when the IRCC keeps on augmenting the regularity of the draws whilst also escalating the figure of the total applicants chosen.


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