Are you interested in the prized and the much sought after Australian citizenship? If yes, you will find this news report fairly interesting. You must read it.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has now made it pretty unproblematic to discover how to submit an application for citizenship. After extensive study and discussion some major improvements have reportedly been made to the citizenship pages of the DIBP on its website.

Sharing information on the subject a DIBP spokesperson reportedly stated that the organization has made the navigation better to make it rather easier to unearth what the aspirant is really looking for, and now the information has been made simpler. Hence, it’s not difficult to read and understand. Though some of the links are not the same and have changed, there will be redirections.

Employing the handy advice obtained from the research it ought to be now much simpler trouble-free to learn what a person really requires doing to successfully present an application for citizenship depending on their specific situations; for instance, if they happen to be a migrant with permanent residence position, the partner or other half of a citizen of Oz, or were born abroad to an ex citizens of the nation.

There are also good choices available for those who do not have the nation’s citizenship and wish to take up again citizenship, are a citizen of New Zealand, are Australian and accepted a kid abroad, and are Australian and require proof of citizenship.

In case one has submit an application for citizenship online, or are about to do so, his petition will not be affected, and he will still be in a position to access his application via his ImmiAccount, the spokesperson added.

In the meantime, Peter Dutton, the incumbent Immigration Minister, has officially stated that the dreaded and the widely covered Islamic State (IS) is a terrorist body under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. Dutton indicated that the declaration denoted that dual citizens could have their Australian Citizenship cancelled in case they are learned to be a member of the terrorist outfit.

Significantly, the IS happens to be the first body to be declared under the Citizenship Act employing the provisions passed by the national Parliament during the year gone by in the Allegiance to Australia Act 2015.

The minister explained that the statement reinforces the administration’s capability to safeguard the Australian society from those who seek to disturb the Australian lifestyle. Citizenship is the familiar bond of Australians, giving them shared rights & duties.

The latest provisions recognize that the individuals--who engage in terrorism associated behaviour--have broken that bond with their society, and rejected their commitment to the country, he added.


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