There is no dearth of those who being bad name and disrepute to the country. Here, we are referring to those Indian nationals and Indian-Americans who were recently found guilty of exploiting the loopholes in the US immigration system to apply for a US visa, via the marriage route.
As per a new report, in a not-too-positive development, from the perspectives of India, many Indians and Indian-Americans have been indicted in the US, on the charges of U-Visa scam and arranging bogus weddings for the object of gaining admission into the nation.

The officials probing the case stated that these individuals would enter into a fake matrimony with the US citizens, for the intention of gaining admission into the nation, and then also falsely submit an application for a special class of U-visa which is generally offered to the sufferers of some specific crimes who have undergone mental or physical exploitation and are helpful to law enforcement.

Allegedly, a licensed lawyer/attorney presented fake certificates/papers to the US Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS), for the object of getting U-Visas for other co-defendants. The bogus papers put forward to the USCIS comprised fallacious police reports supposedly arranged by an official from a US based police department.

Other defendants engaged in and caused several acts which enabled some specific co-defendants to make an effort and get hold of the U-Visas from the USCIS.

In the 16 count wedding fraud outcome, it is alleged that the defendants would enter into weddings with those who already had the US citizenship, for the sole object of acquiring immigration position to which migrants would not otherwise be permitted.

Allegedly, the weddings were not entered into because of shared love and fondness between the parties, but exclusively for preparing an officially authorized ground to acquire an immigration standing for the alien partner and some economic gain to the US citizen.

The defendants allegedly evaded the laws and presented false papers that are vital to get hold of immigration position.

These arrests were duly made, thanks to the wonderful work of the US law enforcement partners who prevented as many as 19 persons seeking to weaken the truthfulness of the US’s immigration arrangement.

The utmost punishments for the offenses the defendants are charged with are: for plan to commit scam and abuse of visa permits – 5 years behind the bars & 250,000 dollars fine per count; for scam and abuse of Visa permits - 10 years behind the bars and a 250,000 dollar fine each count; for mail scam - 20 years behind the bars and a 250,000 dollar fine each count; and for wire scam 20 years behind the bars and a 250,000 dollar fine.


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