Here’s a positive news report for the overseas workers either working or keen to work in Australia!

The latest task force--brought into existence in Australia allegedly to take action to decrease the figures of the overseas labor force comprising students, which end up being taken advantage of by dishonest and crooked workers--has conducted it its first meeting.

The same has approved a scheme of action promising a more hands-on approach, comprising superior communication with the visa holders, stronger enforcement and pre-emptive plans.

The taskforce allegedly aims to make a genuine difference to the lives of those who move to the nation only to learn they are asked to offer their professional services for additional hours, minus additional wages or are not given the bare minimum salary.

Allegedly, the Taskforce will spot additional proposals for improvements in law, law enforcement and examination, and other practical steps, to more speedily recognize and set right any cases of migrant worker abuse.

Michaelia Cash, the incumbent Employment Minister, reportedly corroborated that the administration will improve the Fair Work Act 2009 to further safeguard vulnerable employees, via boosting penalties which will witness the introduction of a new, serious contravention punishment for either premeditated or total abuse.

The improvements will also make the evidence gathering powers of the Fair Work Ombudsman stronger, and expressly forbid offering wrong or deceptive details to the Fair Work inspectors.

The change will see new provisions to imprison franchisors who fail to deal with abuse by their franchisees, and specifically ban conduct in which a recruiter or job-provider pays the right wages to a worker but afterwards pressurizes them to repay a sum.

As per Cash, the focus of the taskforce will be on action & effects. Compliance or regulatory weaknesses that let exploitation cases to occur will be a key focus. The government will not tolerate any case involving abuse of any employee in the different Australian places of work.

She added that foreign employees are potentially more vulnerable to oppressive practices, even as this is the main reason why the government is launching stronger steps to continue the reliability of their working experience in the nation.

The taskforce would meet over the coming one-and-a-half year with its next meeting taking place in January next year.

The minister further reportedly stated that it’s a nice first step in securing better, long term outcomes for the overseas employees at the various Australian workplaces. The taskforce will be decisive and make a rather big difference to the lives of the overseas manpower as it actions its all-inclusive work plan.


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