Sometimes even some positive changes lead to certain unwanted and negative developments or so it seems if we go by a report published recently in Australia.
According to it, under the latest structure started in the month of July, the total figure of the Student Visa subcategories have decreased to two from eight, namely, a Student Guardian Visa and a Student Visa. And there is presently a lone immigration risk framework for every global student.

As per the concerned officers, it provides a broader, easier and more reasonable framework for real global students and the various education providers of Australia, and also cuts down formalities. The same denotes that students submit an application online for a single Student Visa subcategory, and be duly reviewed under a solo immigration risk framework.

But, there are some allegations that the latest simplified visa processing management is leading to delays to processing the overseas student petitions and a big spike in visa denials, in the process, making universities & English language colleges defer course.

As per some education providers, 1000s of the students from abroad, predominantly from the People’s Republic of China, have witnessed holdups causing education establishments financial stress, threatening longstanding associations, and putting at risk an esteemed scholarship schemes via which China sends 6,000 of its finest postgraduates out-of-the-country every year.

The Chinese Scholarship Council reportedly stated that it is so perturbed about the holdups that it is advocating that the students approved for postgraduate study in Down Under think about other nations. Reportedly, the Australian Council of Graduate Research is also rather worried about the state-of-affairs.

As per English Australia, which represents English language colleges, its members have reported that a large number of students from out-of-the-country are still waiting on their visas while they are due to kick-start their courses in the month of September.

Universities are also reporting some difficulties with students due to begin the new term but not still possessing their visas even as among them happens to be the University of New South Wales (NSW), which has 350 students from abroad cooling their heels on visas.

As per the education foundations, there has also been an increase in the petitions this year. The majority of the difficulties appear to be with the petitions presented from China, which account for over 25% of the entire global students enrolled for different study courses in the Kangaroo Land.

Some reportedly consider that the real simplification of the arrangement is the trouble since the same applies the similar terms & conditions to each & very low risk students from a nation, such as the Great Britain, to high risk petitions from some nations, like Pakistan.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has reportedly admitted that there is a buildup even while the same has been brought about by the improvement to the Student Visa arrangement. According to spokesperson, the department is about to duly cover three-fourth of the application inside a month.


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