In a fairly important development, Kathleen Weil, the in-office Quebec Immigration Minister, has reportedly marked out a new rule aimed at drawing strategic talent to the region. Sharing information on the issue, Weil stated the latest plan will consider changing labour trends and simplify the immigration procedure.

An additional major aim of the plan is to keep hold of immigrants who are in the region on impermanent visas as either temporary employees or students. Weil declared it is compulsory that Quebec does better to not lose finest talent to its rival nations.

The minister also pointed out that people have a great deal of choices at present. Several nations of Europe and the US are interesting places to possible immigrants even as Quebec is keen to perform as well, or better, vis-à-vis its rival.

A Quicker System

Weil indicated the latest immigration system can take a maximum of four years for an aspirant to get sanction to move to Quebec. And by the time they eventually land in the region, the labour market has undergone major changes.

Allegedly, the procedure will be duly sped up by employing digital technology in the immigration procedure. Aspirants trained in job segments that are in high-demand will be on the radar first for immigration.

When the minister was asked about what can be done for the exceedingly-trained manpower, such as engineers & doctors, to get their qualification duly recognized, Weil stated the administration and recruiters/job-providers will have to step up. The minister pointed out that it’s the goal of the government to do much better. Learning French is viewed as essential to having the scheme work.

Overseas Students

The minister stressed the value of retaining students from abroad. Weil indicated everybody is chasing them. Quebec is the second largest University City in the whole of North America. These persons are well-integrated, they possess a degree, and they bring unbelievable diversity.

Impermanent labor force is also viewed as being well-integrated and precious to Quebec. The minister declared the retention of the overseas manpower is going perfectly well at roughly 20 to 30%. However, the figure still is a distant second and far behind several places such as New Zealand where retention is nearly 90%.

In the 2015-2016 economic plan of Quebec, the province allocated $42.5 million over a period of five years, to assist aliens & ethno cultural minorities contribute more to the province’s progress and growth. The latest strategy is accompanied by a 5-year action policy from 2016-2021.

Refugees From Syria

When asked about the Syrian refugees, Weil reportedly replied the integration of the refugees from the war-torn nation has gone incredibly well in Quebec, to a degree because of the administration's partnership with community groups that guide the fresh arrivals.


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