In what may be called an important development--from the perspectives of Australia and the international visitors to the country--Tourism Australia and the Qantas Airlines have reportedly agreed on a new 20-million dollar arrangement allegedly to promote Oz to the world, with the goal of drawing more global travelers--particularly from the regions of Britain, Europe, the US, and Asia.

The three-year deal involves a joint investment even as it will have a stress on digital marketing. The involved parties will make investments in joint drives duly supported via public relations, social media and trade movements. The same will also comprise an anonymised data sharing pact to better reach the clients who are thinking of making a trip to the Kangaroo Land.

As per Alan Joyce, the Qantas Group chief executive officer, its multi-million dollar investment with Tourism Australia was all about carrying on the thrust of the tourism boom to proffer bigger gains for Oz. He elucidated that the parties are interested in the similar thing: a robust tourism business that makes the nation the Number 1 preference for people all over the globe. He added that given tourism both to and within Australia is on the increase, it’s the right time to join hands once more.

He also reportedly indicated that over the previous two years, the airlines has been increasing capacity to destinations across the globe, developing agreements with the world’s biggest carriers, and making investments in their fleet, lounges and technology to certify that the guests to the Kangaroo Land get the finest travel experience.

He added that the latest investment develops on the marketing the airlines already carry out and its partnerships with state & territory administrations. While Qantas has forever been the largest private sector supporter of the Australian tourism, the carrier will keep on focusing on increasing visitor figures.

During the previous year alone, the airline flew over three-million international travelers to the country, more than any other carrier in the world. Some observers on the issue reportedly claim that it aided propel a double-digit percentage augmentation in the number of visitors from Asia, in particular.

Sharing more information on the issue, John O’Sullivan, the Tourism Australia Managing Director, reportedly stated that the shared resources the deal brings together are pretty substantial. He elucidated that the plans around data sharing are chiefly thrilling, enabling Tourism Australia to be more well-organized and efficient with its advertising but also facilitating the organization to offer the users with a much more custom-made & appropriate online experience.

Qantas & Tourism Australia have worked together on smaller missions over the previous six months, including promoting the places mentioned in the carrier’s most recent safety demonstration video. Reportedly, every year, the national carrier carries 27-million travelers. Along with its Code share & One world associates, the carrier provides customers travel to over 1,000 places across the globe.


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