Australia has always been in the forefront, in the matters of coming-up with ground-breaking ideas and concepts to improve the Australian economy, offer jobs to the deserving skilled professionals, and support business people and researchers from the different fields.
So, it is little surprising that researchers from across the globe--keen to work with the different Australian businesses--should reportedly find it rather easier to do the same with the declaration of a new finance by Canberra.

The bridging grants constituent of the Global Connections Fund motivates the qualified firms and researchers join hand and work together to get a competitive advantage in the international market place.

As per the concerned Australian minister, the grants will be decisive and aid the existing small to medium sized companies of Down Under work with the researchers abroad, powering their academic know-how to assist them duly compete on the global level.

The grants will also allegedly aid the nation’s researchers develop rather strong links with their global associates, which will eventually result in the conversion of knowledge and intellectual property into market-ready goods or services.

The bridging grants provide a maximum of 50,000 dollars in seed funding to aid companies and researchers commence ground-breaking missions with the overseas associates, to maintain commercialization and evidence of concept goings-on.

The bridging grants support goings on, like product and service development goings on, comprising technical development, etc. The same will also include goods or services design, like manufacturing organization, prototyping, software development, design work, etc.

For instance, the Global Connections Fund may suitably support ventures, like a researcher based in Australia duly connecting with an SME in Asia, to duly design and come up with prototypes for the nature-friendly and communally sustainable furniture.


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