Some specific visa and immigration laws introduced by the different destinations do not inspire many for several reasons while some other laws make them happy. In what could be called a rater important development--from the perspectives of the Canada citizens--Ottawa has reportedly made public new Canada Passport rules for the dual citizens.

The latest laws shall come into force from September, 30, 2016. It is mandatory for the Canadians with dual citizenship to employ their Canada passport for the object of making a trip back to the nation, via air. Reportedly, the latest laws will have electronic screening arrangement for increased border security and improving exit control of the visitors. The same comprises Canadians on administration benefits as well.

Latest Regulations Prejudiced

Numerous Canadian citizens, having dual citizenships, have reportedly been rather amazed and they are not too happy with these (the laws). They claim that the most recent passport rules for the dual citizens are highly unfair.

They also assert that it’s nothing but an effort by the government to snatch money. What’s more: the same will generate chaos and mayhem for several air guests (Canada citizens with dual citizenships) since they will be discovering this at the last minute only. Allegedly, it’s not a good strategy on many fronts. The condition hardly makes any sense with the reason being the same is only for the air visitors as against those arriving, via either land or sea.

But, according to the official spokesperson for IRCC, the administration is applying a new electronic procedure for aiding airlines duly authenticate the visitors about the required papers/certificates. Each and every airline shall have to certify that every air travel to the destination possesses evidence of identity and evidence of citizenship. Given this, a legally valid Canadian passport is needed for the citizens. As per the spokesperson, it’s the lone travel paper for the object of air travel.

Before Latest Regulations

Before the most recent rules, the citizens of the Maple Leaf Country, with dual citizenships, could employ any other country’s passport for gaining admission into the nation, via air, in case he had evidence of residency in the Maple Leaf Country, such as the driver’s license and citizenship card.

During the year gone by, Ottawa introduced the OeTA system. The same necessitates the air visitors (comprising candidates for Work Permits or Study, Permits and those from countries not requiring any visa for landing in the Maple Leaf Country) to offer biographic, passport and other personal details, via the Canada immigration website.

Citizens of Canada Not qualified for eTA from September 30

Come September From 30, 2016, and the Canadian citizens shall reportedly not be entitled for eTA with the reason being they shall have to have Canadian passports.


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