As per a report, John McCallum, the in-office Canada immigration minister, has recommended new Canada immigration restructurings allegedly to save the foreign caregivers from harm.

Planned Reforms Particulars

The planned changes for the overseas caregivers comprise:

  • Cutting-down the processing period for the sponsored candidates.
  • Associated reform steps to shield the Filipino caregivers.

McCallum reportedly pledged to trim down the processing time of the petitions of the sponsored wives/husbands, partners and kids. He stated that, at present, since the processing time is very long, the normal time of two years will be cut down to aid reunite families with no trouble. The latest laws shall be made public in the fall.

Presently, close to 700,000 nationals of Philippines are residing in the nation. During 2015, Ottawa accepted roughly 50,000 fresh permanent residents from the country, i.e., Philippines.

Decreased Processing Times for Express Entry

As mentioned before, the processing times for Express Entry shall be shrunk as well. The programme covers trained manpower, global students, and qualified experts.

As per McCallum, the processing times goal will be six months even as economic immigrants, arriving via Express Entry, obtain points for employment offer, language abilities, a nice education, and certain other issues.

Taking Away of Labor Market Impact Evaluation

The changes to be introduced almost immediately reportedly comprise getting rid of the labor market impact assessment. Under the present immigration laws of the nation, it is compulsory to illustrate that no Canadian was prepared to do the work given to them. Hence, the removal of this law will make it rather simpler for them to land in the country.

Additional Points to Overseas Students

Still a new praiseworthy proposed improvement will be to provide extra points to the students from abroad. As per McCallum, that’s because such students are more precious for the national economy even while they shall make actually excellent Canadians later on.


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