According to a report, a new Canada immigration strategy is being recommended for drawing more students from abroad to the nation. John McCallum, the in-office Canada Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC)—has reportedly stated some imminent improvements to catch the attention of more overseas students. The immigration improvements in question will aid more overseas students to arrive and reside in the country.

As per the minister, the latest policy is expected to be started in the fall.

Ottawa Requires New Young Aliens

According to the minister, the nation requires new immigrants even as the same is particularly true keeping in view the aging populace of the country. So, the Maple Leaf Country is reforming its immigration laws to reduce different hurdles and bureaucratic delays.

While such roadblocks decrease the pace of the things, the latest immigration policy will allegedly be rather useful in promoting immigrants from the various parts of the globe.

Global Students Top Faction to Become Future Nationals

McCallum proclaimed that global students are the finest faction to become the future nationals with the reason being they happen to be educated, are good in English or French, and much more importantly, are young. Besides, they know something related to the nation.

Against this backdrop, the Maple Leaf Country is eager to make it rather easier for the overseas students to arrive and live in the country. And the same is already there via Express Entry. Under it, some number of points is offered to the overseas students. Ottawa shall be providing more points to the students from abroad to aid them stay in the nation rather effortlessly.


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