The in-office Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Minister, John McCallum, has reportedly proclaimed that the newest immigration regulations will prove pretty useful for global students and families even as these will cut down wait-times for family reunification.

The minister stated that the new and easier immigration policies will be introduced from this fall. These will make it rather easier for the global students, enrolled for post-secondary education, to obtain the nation’s prized citizenship.

Apart from this, there will be some additional reorganization also. These could be permitting augmented figure of immigrants to the Maple Leaf Country, and speedier processing of candidates for the family reunification scheme. What's more, there may be increased financial support for the resettlement schemes.

McCallum further elucidated that international students are among the exceedingly gifted group of immigrants. These people can speak English/French, are young, and have a good idea about the nation. Hence, extra points shall be offered to them under the popular Express Entry system. This will make it somewhat easier for them to receive Permanent Residency (PR).

305,000 Newcomers To Be Given Admission This Year

Reportedly, the Liberals intend to accept close-to 305,000 newcomers in 2016. Additionally, roughly 20,000 visas in the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship application stream will be given in 2016.

The minister indicated that Number 1 priority is to lessen the processing times for families even as efforts are being made to decrease the inventory of the aspirants cooling their heels. A new arrangement shall be made public in fall resulting in decreased processing times for family reunification.

The administration plans to generate incentives and employment opportunities for fresh immigrants to settle in provinces. It also plans to work with firms and communities across the country to certify they are pro immigrant, McCallum continued.


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