Are you a skilled worker and keen to immigrate to Australia? If yes, this news report is for you! As per a report, a fresh Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been introduced in Australia for the period 2015-2016 with some professions being included, others removed, and nearly 51 marked as having not much of a demand.

The list allegedly puts forward that there is expected to be not much of a requirement in the coming times for engineers, surveyors, vets, accountants, GPs, solicitors, and chefs since these specific professions are on the flagged list.

In general, the amendments made to the latest list are pretty minor, vis-à-vis the preceding list. The SOL is duly appraised every year to guarantee that the same continues to be receptive to the requirements of the nation’s labour market.

The same suitably spots vocations that would gain from skilled movement, with a view to fulfill the medium to long term skill requirements of the national economy of Down Under, and was assessed by the Australian Department of Education and Training.

While two fresh professions have been added, namely, orthotist or prosthetist and audiologist, nine have been taken away, and these are metallurgist, environmental health officer, occupation health and safety advisor, mining engineer, petroleum engineer, dental hygienist, dental technician, dental prosthetist, and dental therapist.

Several professions have been suitably marked for probable removal later. By and large, vocations are flagged when there is a rising proof of surplus supply in the labour market even while for the period 2016-2017 they cover a rather vast chain of professions.

And these comprise management accountant, taxation accountant, mining production manager, civil engineer, electronics engineer, general accountant, land economist, surveyor, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, GPs, paediatrician, vets, occupational therapist, chef, barrister, and solicito.

Sharing more information on the issue, a spokesperson for the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), reportedly stated that the requirements for permanent skilled movement will undergo change periodically even as there is no specific course of study whatsoever that will assure a permanent visa.

There was also an advice to global students to desist from thinking that enrolling for a study course in Oz will necessarily assure a job. In case one happens to be a student in Australia, he will do well not to make educational choices exclusively on the ground of hoping to get a particular migration result with the reason being the skilled migration scheme will keep on changing and adapting to the particular requirements of Australia, reportedly elucidated the spokesperson.

It is mandatory that the candidates--keen to file a petition for an Independent Skilled Visa (subcategory 189), a Temporary Graduate (Graduate Work stream) Visa (subcategory 485) or a Family Sponsored Points Tested visa (subcategory 489)--confirm that their specific profession is duly mentioned on the latest SOL.


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