According to a report from the Australian Population Research Institute, despite the fact that a high figure of workers from India are being proffered the 457 Visas, to do a job in the IT segment in Australia, they are frequently being given inferior wages, vis-à-vis the standard market rate.

The report will allegedly further ignite the latest arguments that it is highly easy for organizations--particularly in some specific businesses, such as IT-- to usher-in cheaper manpower from abroad.

The same is also a notice to those looking for a job from out-of-the-country that they may end up being given less in relation to others, to do the identical work, adding to worries that the labor force from out-of-the-country, even in exceedingly trained jobs, are being abused and taken for a ride.

The study reveals that the figure of the IT professional, being given the 457 Visas, is heading north even while they make up the biggest group inside the 457 Plan, with most being the citizens of India who have sponsorship from the Indian IT service groups.

Allegedly, they have been rather successful in cornering a big portion of the nation’s IT consulting work, on the ground of the 457 Visa holders. They have done well to an extent as they are giving the said specialists much lower wages in relation to the existing market rate for the IT experts in Down Under.

The report also puts forward that the nation’s high level of immigration is resulting in a catastrophic effect on some areas of the nation, like Melbourne & Sydney, for instance, where the maximum number of individuals from out-of-the-country has a tendency to live.

The report also indicates that the migration champions assert that the urban impact is being counterbalanced by the arrival of the extremely trained skilled outsiders, in the professions which are in short supply in the country. These assertions are wrong.

The report adds that the association between the skills hired under the points tested visa subcategories and a famine in the labour market has eroded. It’s, to a certain extent, thanks to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that is supposed to eliminate the professions that are oversupplied in Down Under from eligibility for the points tested visa subcategories, but that does not do it anymore.

Allegedly, the SOL behaves as ‘smokescreen’ behind which the administration’s real priorities are exercised which are meeting population growth goals and backing the overseas student business, whose recruitment strategies depend on the said graduates having a strong possibility of getting a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) on the successful conclusion of their study course.

The report is decidedly critical of the present immigration rule. It states that the administration is allowing open-ended recruitment of the qualified migrants on the 457 Visas with no Labour Market Testing (LMT) needed for the maximum number of professional &managerial responsibilities. The decision to proffer sponsorship lies with the recruiters/firms.

The report also indicates that the level of sponsorship in the IT vocations has improved with the Indian IT services organizations able to get a growing portion of the IT consulting work in Down Under with the reason being they can import their own skilled personnel and give them much less, in respect of the existing market rate for the similar IT specialists.

The amazing result is taking place at a time when there is an oversupply of the local graduates and when the administration is inspiring the local students to register for the various IT courses, even as the perfect way out is to ban the 457 recruitment or intra-firm transfers where there is an overflow of the local individuals with the said skills.

In general, the study report reportedly concludes that the nation’s present migration plans are delivering large figures of the experts of doubtful application to the country’s skill requirements even as this is making it even tougher for the local graduates and other job hunters to find a job in the country.


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