The ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada, is one the most favored immigration destinations. As per some reports, roughly 250,000 people from every corner of the world come to the country every year, all thanks to the high standard of living, better healthcare facilities and excellent education system that the country offers not only to its citizens but to the immigrants as well.

A large number of prospective immigrants fancy the country, and in a systematic way the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the apex immigration body is expanding and improving its Immigration system. The country has warmly opened its doors for the nationals of almost every country through its various immigration programmes.

Latest Canada Immigration News

If you fancy the country, and dream of becoming part of the thriving economy, then let’s dig a bit further and know what is the latest news on Canada Immigration.

With the start of the year 2016, the IRCC started making several amendments in its immigration programmes. Since long, the Canadian Government has been trying hard to draw skilled immigrants to its shores.

Among the many changes, the name of the apex immigration body was also changed from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Some other changes were also made; for example, in order to become eligible, and to apply for Canadian Citizenship, the number of years to stay in the country has been reduced to three to five years. Earlier, it was four to five years.

The major big change came with the introduction of the ‘Express Entry’, when the government announced that it will welcome approximately 3, 05,000 new permanent residents to the country during the year 2016-17.


It was also declared that more emphasis will be given to family class and the percentage has increased to 17%. Under the ‘Express Entry’, further points will be provided to those who have their brothers and sisters already residing in the country. Further to this, processing time under the under the family and economic class is also reduced.


Certain amendments has also been made to the Experience Class Programme, under the Bill C-6, the barriers for international students, who wish to study in the country, has been removed. Certain regulations have been implemented. Under the new changes, international students may count the number of years spent in studying/working in the country against the permanent resident requirement.

Apart from the above mentioned changes, the latest Canada Immigration news report is that the country is all set to welcome French speaking skilled workers as its potential immigrants to live and work outside the Quebec. By the end of the year, the government will review the Express Entry Programme with the aim to meet the set target and draw more qualified skilled workers. Review of the LMIA requirement will also be made.

Also the age limit for dependent kids has been increased from 18 to 22 years. It means Canadian citizens and permanent residents many easily bring along their children to the country.

The above changes are the indicators that the country is all set and eager to welcome potential immigrants.


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