Despite the fact that discovering a new employment opportunity is one of the primary propellers for migrants to shift to Australia with the nation’s employment outlook not very good, the way it was earlier, those looking for a new life would allegedly do well to look at where the growth is likely.

Reportedly, the most recent unemployment numbers for July 2016 reveal that the rate of unemployment in the country headed south to 5.7% from 5.8% even as the total employment is at an unprecedented high of just under 12 million persons.

The numbers also illustrate that employment growth is now at 1.9%, above the long term average of 1.7%, and since September 2013 in surplus of 0.50 million employment opportunities have been generated by recruiters/job-providers.

This is an altogether different matter that not every segment is likely to witness jobs growth even while a fresh study from the concerned organization, the Department of Employments, provides a hint of where breaks could really be. In general, employment is expected to head north in 16 of 19 broad businesses duly tracked over the coming five years.

Healthcare and social assistance is likely to make the biggest contribution to employment rise, swelling by 250,200, duly trailed by professional, scientific and technical services with increase of 151,200, education and training up 121,700 and retail trade up 106,000.

That the same may be positive information for the skilled nurses trying to find a job in Down Under, and backpackers who repeatedly take jobs in shops even as they are taking a trip around Oz with the reason being these are basically the businesses likely to offer chief growth, cannot be refuted, or so it is claimed.


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