Important Improvements to Immigration Arrangement Likely in Fall, Says Canada’s Minister

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Canada is determined to become the Number 1 immigration destination and boast of an immigration system that has not parallels anywhere else in the world, or so it seems, if we go by a recent report.
As per John McCallum, the in-office Canadian minister of immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the serving Trudeau administration is prepared to begin amendments to the present immigration structure.

The minister reportedly stated this while on a recent trip to Peel. His visit was part of the administration’s nationwide consultation procedure to bring necessary improvements to the immigration rule that was pledged by the Liberal Party through the 2015 election drive.

While in Brampton & Mississauga, McCallum met stakeholders and the local members of parliament even as he talked about the subjects involving immigration. Reportedly, top of the schedule was increasing the pace of the method of family class immigration.

The minister declared that the government is working to meet its single most vital commitment to cut down the processing time for family class. He asserted that at present it takes roughly two years for a husband and wife to be reunited which is deplorable.

The minister also indicated that the Liberal Government took over a system that is currently fomenting concerns inside the society even while his team is working to restructure the same via bringing-in a new & better plan.

The latest arrangement--with amendments to family and skilled category, economic category and also as visitors’ visa policy--is likely to be started in the next fall season.

He added that the government is keen to reorganize the entrance of economic immigrants and also as refugees and family category. The government will make it a lot simpler for the global students to acquire the nation’s prized permanent residence status.

In tough fight with other nations--such as Australia, the US, and the UK--the Canadian Government is presently working to give the global students additional points and make it a lot easier for them to move to the Maple Leaf Country.

McCallum further said that such students occupy a very high place in the government’s priority list to become permanent residents since they happen to be young, educated, and smooth in either French or English. He added that the regime is also working to make the Visitors’ Visa processes better, which are creating issues, particularly in the Indian City of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is not the lone place facing difficulties. The government is strong-minded to make it a hassle-free affair for people--predominantly for the visitor visas, weddings & funerals. Immigration Canada is fully resolute to find a timely solution for it even as before long the IRCC will have an admission procedure which will be much faster.

Praising his government sky high, the minister also reportedly stated that it’s wonderful that the Trudeau Administration lately ushered in 25,000 refugees from the war-torn nation of Syria in only four months on humanitarian grounds.


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