As per a report, some key improvements to the Sponsoring Australia 457 Workers were reportedly made public on July 1, this year. The said amendments are strict requirements for the recruiters to sponsor qualified immigrants. Yes, that’s true! At present, there is an augmented focus on the authenticity condition.

The same necessitates the recruiters in Oz to illustrate to the DIBP that there is an opening inside the business. And it requires the expertise of the migrating worker. In addition, the labor market of Oz has been tested sufficiently for guaranteeing that no right fully skilled local worker could be located.

The goal of the increased focus on genuineness condition is allegedly to guarantee that a nominated opening was not formed to obtain a migration outcome.

The latest improvements will presently aid the DIBP authorities to identify nomination petitions that are false even while the same will be done by certain flags implying a fake nomination.

These are the flags:

  • The facts show that the nominated opening has been produced to aid any relative for the object of movement to Australia;
  • The details propose that the tasks of the available position fail to match with the duly nominated position tasks illustrated in the Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations; and
  • The duly nominated available opening is not consistent with the dimension/character of the business.

Latest Steps to Fast-track Procedure for Recruiters

There are also new laws to fast-track the procedure for the job-providers with good dealings background with the DIBP. While such recruiters are called ‘accredited sponsors’, these are basically those having fulfilled some specific terms & conditions. These comprise having not less than 4million Australian Dollars yearly turnover for the past three years.


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