Australia rocks and motivates a large number of people, from all over the world, to move to its shores, for a better life and superior employment opportunities. But it seems some groups and people in the nation are not very happy with this, and they want the levels of immigration to be cut down.
The new government in Australia may not have a free hand and adopt a pro-migrant policy like before, as there is a high chance of the detractors of the policy playing spoilsport and making sincere efforts to reduce the immigration numbers.
Yes, it is true! As per a report, immigration has for all time been a rather sensitive political issue in Down Under even while it is set to become even more so, thanks to the new election failing to give a conclusive majority, and result in any political outfit obtaining a majority, to rule and administer the nation.

The same allegedly signifies that the party with the highest number of seats--the Liberals spearheaded by Malcolm Turnbull--has to bargain with smaller & less accepted political outfits with a view to preside over, even as there is a widespread apprehension that they may sway major policies, like immigration, for instance.

The subject has already led to some tough and uncompromising stand, comprising from Pauline Hanson, the chief of the One Nation party, which is allegedly keen to forbid Muslims from moving to the country.

One Nation is keen to restrict the immigration levels to the figure of individuals shifting out of the nation so that for every individual who departs, one individual can land, and also wishes every new citizen to successfully sail through an English test, and not be offered social security for a period of five years.

Under the Islam rule segment of its website, One Nation has urged for a stop to the followers of Islam shifting to the nation, comprising refugees. The party also wishes the validity of the impermanent protection visas to be cut down from three years to two years, and all refugees to go through a health check.

What’s more: Bob Katter, an independent law maker, informed the media that he opines that immigration ought to be restricted. But he also urged for the migration discussion to be ‘deracialised’, and in place it would be better if it is examined from a purely economic standpoint.

He stated that the administration has been ushering in 620,000 persons into the country per annum, into an economy that’s does not have more than 200,000 employment openings even as it has more than 200,000 school leavers. He added that he believes that 0.50 million persons are forced into unemployment gains each year, courtesy the present immigration strategy.

He further stated that the subject is the country is bringing in huge figures that it can’t perhaps take in. There should be a decrease of all immigration to the nation to practically zero, barring for those people who happen to be the victimized and ill-treated minority groups, such as the Jews, the Sikhs, and the Christians in the Middle East.


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