As per Peter Dutton, the in-office immigration minister of Australia, the nation’s present migration scheme fulfills its needs, via drawing trained labor force and assisting family reunions.

However, there are widespread indications that numerous people in the nation do not concur with his and his government’s opinions with a new study reportedly revealing that 49% people do not much support Muslim movement to the nation and want a ban on it.

Oz is a migrant country and the nation’s arranged and well managed migration plans bring economic, social and cultural advantages to the Australian society, the minister stated even as he brought out the most recent numbers revealing that in the year to end of June roughly 190,000 positions were obtainable for permanent migration, and just under that figure were filled by the new entrants.

Most new visitors, approximately 128,550 or 68%, were in the skilled class and a good number of the skilled visas made their way to Employer Sponsored, State and Territory Government Sponsored and the Regional Skilled category to assist fill important skills requirements.

According to Dutton, experts accounted for 65% of the positions to the primary candidates in the skilled segment, and these specialists would facilitate develop the country’s future. He reportedly also indicated that the addition of these qualified employees to the nation’s workers complements and not competes with domestic manpower.

Though the present government’s first priority will always be employment opportunities for Australians, where real skills famines exist, it (government) fills the gaps with these trained migrants. The minister added that the administration’s immigration schemes are rather flexible and receptive to the specific requirements of the Australian economy & labour market.

Dutton also stated that the family migration plan gives a lot of importance to the reunion of partners and kids even while as many as 60,912 visas were proffered in 2015-2016.

The nation simultaneously gave asylum to 17,000-plus people under the Refugee and Special Humanitarian scheme, which comprised the biggest offshore humanitarian intake in three decades.

Still, immigration is becoming even more of a controversial political subject with a new survey reportedly revealing that 49% of individuals are in the favor of a prohibition on Muslim immigration while 40% do not support such a move which allegedly is aggressively being backed by some politicians from the right wing.

In the Essential census, the primary basis people gave for not backing additional Muslim immigration is an outlook that the Muslim people do not mix well into the Australian society, with 41% of the sample expressing that thought.

Still, according to a critic, Australian heads are hardly doing anything concrete to promote cohesion in the nation. She reportedly opines that, by and large, people exaggerate the figure of Muslims in Down Under.


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