Immigration and foreign investment are essential for the future of Australia, and it allegedly cannot afford to adopt a discriminatory approach, and decide who to allow and who not to allow admission into the country. Not allowing some specific individuals admission into the country would result in severing the nation from major sources of affluence for more than two centuries.

The incumbent Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison reportedly opines that Oz must hug immigration and he has attacked the recent proof that a large portion of the populace would love to see some specific groups of people prevented from residing in the nation.

Significantly, immigration is a predominantly controversial issue in the country presently, with a research unearthing that nearly 50% of the national would like to ban some particular immigrants. But, Morrison accepted that there is a real worry that such a step would be pretty dangerous. He elucidated that Oz is not in a position to take such an approach.

He stated that the nation’s immigration scheme is different from that of other nations, adding that hunting for the reinforcing outcomes of economic contribution and social cohesion offers the basis for the society confidence in the Australian immigration scheme, which is needed for its current support.

He also stated that foreign investment it essential and there requires being a good balance between maintaining an appealing and welcoming setting for the foreign capital & maintaining society confidence in the foreign investment system.

He further said that the Australians must have the self-belief that there are clear laws that safeguard the national interest and that these laws are being implemented.

Morrison also pointed out that as a large, resource rich country with a relatively high demand for capital Oz has heavily depended on the investment from abroad to meet the shortfall of domestic savings as against the domestic investment requirements for more than 200 years.


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