In what could be called a major development, a league of pro-immigrant groups has reportedly come together to introduce the 'New American Democracy Campaign'. The alleged goal: convincing two million holders of US Green Card to acquire the nation’s citizenship so that they can exercise their right to vote on the coming Election Day. Though the day is planned for November 8, 2016, the deadline for registering to vote is October 11.

Irritated by the alleged acidic language of the Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump and other Republicans chasing the presidency, pro-immigrant activists accept that though their goal is pretty 'daunting', they have gone forward with a digital advertising drive to create and spread awareness of their plans.

The crusade has procured the assistance of immigration specialists who are providing not only 100% free legal advice but low-interest loans to aid with the $680 citizenship petition fee that requires to be duly shelled-out by every person.

Quickly Gaining US Citizenship Not Effortless

Successfully getting two million officially authorized permanent residents through the complex and long drawn out citizenship procedure before the US Election is not an easy job.
Sharing his feelings, an immigration expert reportedly stated that he is surprised, particularly so late in the day, in case pro-immigrant supporters can make the same come about. It's not odd for citizenship petitions to take one year to process, even with just right paperwork.

Right Target: Immigrants Acquire Citizenship by 2018 Polls

He pointed out that it would be better if the pro-immigrant supporters look to obtain their goal in time for the US Election in 2018, adding it is a mission that must be for the long haul. Still, immigrant champions have reportedly targeted November 8 to reach their ambition.

Significantly, the New American Democracy Campaign is proffering computers across 90 workshops in six states of the nation--and this comprises Texas--to assist legal permanent residents fruitfully complete their citizenship forms. The group asserts that the main object of their operation is to get Latinos to the election.

As per the US Department of Homeland Security figures from 2012, Texas alone houses 430,000 legal permanent residents who are basically Latinos. Apart from Texas, high on the target are Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and California. Collectively these states house roughly 1.6 million legally recognized permanent residents who are entitled for naturalization.

Resistance Against The Billionaire Realty Mogul, His Xenophobic Observations

The movement to see two million US Green Card holders obtain citizenship arrives due to the alleged racist and disparaging observations made by Trump about the Mexicans. He has reportedly labeled these people as rapists who usher-in drugs & sin to the nation.

Eligibility for US Citizenship

With a view to be qualified for American citizenship, while it is compulsory for the Green Card Holders to have resided in the nation for a period of five years, immigrant partners of the American citizens can submit an application, post just three years.


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