Continuing his harsh diatribe against the migrants to the US--especially the so-called illegal ones--the US republican nomination, Donald Trump, has reportedly claimed that immigrants to the nation are like venomous snakes that sink their teeth into the hand of those who permits them in. He added that the need of the hour is to be rather careful about who the government is giving the permission to enter the nation.

Immigration strategy has been a key point of his presidential drive, which has seen him term Mexicans 'rapists', while asserting that he would erect a wall along the US border with Mexico to prevent them from sneaking in. The billionaire real estate mogul also reportedly stated that if he wins, he would also put a ban on all Muslims gaining admission into the US.

Interestingly, the rabble rouser has done well so far in the elections with wins in Florida, Illinois, & North Carolina. He is performing far better vis-à-vis other aspirants even as several believe that there is no way that anybody else can lock the republican nomination. Regardless of big amounts of unhelpful media hype about Trump and hostility at his rallies, he keeps on performing admirably well.

But, the billionaire real estate mogul is pretty disliked by numerous people at the higher positions in the Republican Party, and in case he fails to receive the backing of sufficient delegates before the convention, he could allegedly face powerful resistance for the Republican Presidential nomination from a different contender.


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