In a fairly important development, the different Atlantic provinces of Canada are reportedly set for a boost in the immigration figures, post the federal administration, along with the Premiers of the Atlantic Provinces, made public a new pilot scheme, to make possible the admission of more immigrants, via the Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs). The strategy is component of a fresh Atlantic Growth Strategy.

For those not tuned in, the Atlantic Provinces include Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The declaration of the pilot scheme was reportedly made in the P.E.I. recently on July 4 after a meeting between the four Atlantic premiers and numerous federal ministers, comprising John McCallum, the in-office Canada Immigration Minister.

The pilot scheme--which is listed to continue for an opening time-frame of three years--reportedly aims to usher-in a large number of aliens to specific area, via duly matching the requirements of the local recruiters/firms with the skill sets of the outsiders. Apart from this, more efforts will be made to speed up the recognition of the credentials of the news aliens.

Authorities intend to admit a maximum of 2,000 new visitors & their families to the area next year even while that figure may head north in the coming years. This will depend on the fact how nicely the scheme performs.

Expressing his thoughts on the issue, Minister McCallum reportedly stated that it could be something like 4,000 persons, and that figure is programmed to jump in the years ahead, depending on how the performance turns out. He added that he's taken notice of the memorandum that Atlantic Canada is keen to draw additional immigrants to live in the area.

Allegedly, the federal administration will be open to an assortment of skill classes, and the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will work with every administration to come-out with a plan particular to their province with a focus on exact occupations, particular regions and with a focus on involving firms to not just enlist the immigrants but to undertake steps to retain them here.

The Atlantic Provinces have seen a demographic issue over the past couple of years, with sluggish or declining populace rise, and a decreasing manpower. Presently, each of the four Atlantic Provinces runs a chain of immigration classes, via the PNPs. While some of these particular plans have categories that duly side with the federal Express Entry immigration selection arrangement, other categories exist outside that arrangement.

Pilot Scheme

The concerned body, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, has offered these particulars related to the latest pilot scheme which will be adapted to test the ground-breaking approaches that will assist to improve retention and that potentially may be repeated to other provinces & territories on the basis of results.

Major aspects of this ground-breaking approach comprise:

  • Superior Coordination: Every major actor (federal administration, provincial administration, recruiters, educational establishments, societies & settlement bureaus) would work closely together with a view to guarantee that each of the feature that will result in augmented retention rates are duly addressed as component of the pilot.
  • Improved Employer Engagement: The Provinces would engage with recruiters to come out with a retention-focused, wrap-around settlement plan. Recruiters would enact a crucial part in the recruitment of candidates, giving the needed support to immigrants and their families that will aid make possible the integration procedure.
  • Better Flexibility: This pilot would offer the Atlantic Provinces with the flexibility to focus on the present labour market problems in priority segments. Recognizing that every province has only-one-of-its-kind requirements, there would be a chance for every province to shape the scheme to fulfill its requirements.
  • Pace & Space: The pilot would include priority processing with a view to make certain that the identified labour market requirements and famines are addressed in an opportune way. The same would also give provinces a significant figure of extra nominations outside of the present Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) allotment.
  • Strong Measurement/Reporting: There would be a specific stress on the measurement of important indicators & quarterly reporting with a view to guarantee that the pilot is performing as intended and attaining results.

As per available reports, the pilot would be introduced in the beginning of the next year even as it will continue for a period of three years.


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