Now studying in Australia may become pretty costlier and many international students could have to shell-out more. Yes, in a not-too-positive development--from the perspectives of the international students in Australia--such students, studying for some specific Technical and Further Education (TAFE) qualifications in the country, may have to reportedly shell-out higher costs.

In the run up to the general election the next month, in the month of July, it has reportedly been made public that the Labour Party has some plans to charge students 1000s of dollars in upfront course charges which would have an effect on both domestic and foreign students.

As per the incumbent Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, Scott Ryan, a proposal to put a limit on the fees will lead to upfront charges for some particular TAFE courses, for instance, in case the course costs over 8,000 dollars. He allegedly worries this could lead to students having to decide between the course that best guides them to a job and the course they may have the funds for.

Significantly, the TAFE courses in English enjoy widespread popularity with foreign students even as they already face high charges, and this comprises those for healthcare over books & equipment. Several kinds of scholarships are obtainable for the global students even while these may vary from one state to another.

Via the Department of Education, the Government of Oz provides Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships for the TAFE vocational education and training courses at Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree levels. The same may offer financial assistance with tuition charges & living costs.

Besides, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade proffers monetary assistance for the citizens of some specific nations to pursue studies in the Kangaroo Land. These can cover tuition charges, return air journey, and a contribution to some specific costs, like lodging, study materials, and text books.

However, it is not clear whether these awards would cover more charges. According to Ryan, under the proposal, the students enrolled for a Diploma of Maritime Operations at Hunter Institute, New South Wales, for instance, do not at present have to pay upfront charges but would then shell-out a maximum of 13,025 dollars upfront.

Similarly, the students, enrolled for a Diploma of Website Development at TAFE Queensland in Brisbane, may have to pay a maximum of 6,900 dollars upfront, and the students, enrolled for a Diploma of Building and Construction at Victoria’s Chisholm Institute, a maximum of 8,453 dollars.

Meanwhile, sharing their thoughts over the development, the TAFE directors across the country and the representatives of private training providers have reportedly stated that any improvement should not be started, minus a full discussion and also study, to discover the way the same would influence students—particularly those from out-of-the-country who are subjected to more charges.


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