Are you an aspirant for the Canada Super Visa Plan? If yes, this news report is especially for your perusal!

As per a new update from the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there will a requirement of a new document for the popular and the widely used Canada Super Visa Plan.

For those not tuned in, the Super Visa Plan facilitates the parents and grandparents of the people with permanent residency and citizenship to arrive and stay in the country for extensive time-frame.

Now the sponsor of the Super Visa shall have to fulfill the bare minimum income threshold even as the same is as per the regulation of the IRCC. Hence, the IRCC would require the tax document for study of the income. There shall be a requirement of the printouts of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Account.

While the requirement of this latest document for the Super Visa program has come into force the same has reportedly been made a part of the changed document checklist as well.

Super Visa Plan Requirements

The aspirant must be either a grandparent or a parent of citizen/permanent resident.

He must obey other primary scheme requirements.

He must have the right to gain admission into the nation.

Other conditions shall be corroborated by the immigration officer prior to taking any decision on the Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Super Visa Scheme.

An aspirant requires to substantiate that his grandchild/child fulfills the minimum income threshold. It is mandatory that he provides a written statement (issued by the sponsor/child/grandchild) who will offer the financial assistance to the grandchild/child in the Maple Leaf Country.

It is mandatory that the applicant has authorized Canada medical insurance coverage for not less than 1 year even as he must be subjected to immigration medical check.

As mentioned before, Super Visa Scheme enjoys widespread popularity for meeting children/grandchildren in the nation. The same is for grandparents or parents of those with either citizenship or permanent residency rights in the nation.


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