As per a survey report, done by an Australian organization named InterNations, though expats see the country as having an excellent work life balance, they consider the cost of living as pretty high.

Several individuals, who have shifted to the nation, state that the primary reason for doing do was the quality of life with 45% stating that the weather is exceptionally nice, and in general the nation occupied the 16th position out of 67 in the most recent quality of life index.

However, some have pointed out that they think they do not have many travel chances down under. Nearly 29% declared that though they were content with travel possibility, it is lower, vis-à-vis the international average of 40%.

An additional high point for the expats in the Kangaroo Land is the quality of the atmosphere, with 50% judging it to be incredibly nice. And this is much higher, in respect of the global average of 28%, and when it comes to settling in Oz ranked 20th out of 67.

Australia ranked 10th out of 67 for the cost of living and satisfactory for career prospects. The expats work an average 38.6 hours a week, vis-à-vis the international average of 41.4 hours.

Still, expats in the Kangaroo Land are somewhat more worried about losing their job with 59% judging their job security positively higher in relation to the international average of 56%.

But, Australia performed more badly for personal finance, occupying the 51th spot out of 67. Certainly, 10% of the expats in Australia assert their disposable income is not just about enough, adding that they find life in the nation fairly costly. Close to 52% stated they are discontented with the cost of living, much higher than the international average of 32%.
However, Australia occupied a high position for family life at seven out of 45. Not more than 2% of the expats stated that education opportunities are not abundant and widely accessible, vis-à-vis 31% globally. In addition, education is considered easy to afford by 64% of the expats, in relation to 45% internationally.

The quality of education in Oz is also treasured by 84% of the respondents, even as just 64% rate it rather positively around the globe. Lastly, roughly 50% of the expat parents in Down Under, 49%, are awfully pleased with their kids’ health, in comparison with 30% worldwide.

An additional 90% of them are pleased with the general safety of their kids--a good performance in relation to the 75% who state the same across the world.

The report also hints that despite the fact that nearly all people tend to mentally put Australia & New Zealand collectively, there are some astounding differences regarding the expat life in these countries.

One such dissimilarity is the sociability and openness towards the residents with overseas roots, judged positively by 83% of the expats in New Zealand, in respect of 71% in Down Under.


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